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_AppletConfig Struct Reference

#include <applet-struct.h>

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Detailed Description

This file is a part of the Cairo-Dock project

Copyright : (C) see the 'copyright' file. E-mail : see the 'copyright' file.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

typedef enum { MY_DESKLET_CAROUSSEL = 0, MY_DESKLET_MAIN_ICON } MyDeskletRender ;

Definition at line 43 of file applet-struct.h.

Public Attributes

gboolean b24Mode
GdkColor backcolor
gboolean bAlert
gboolean bAlertSound
gboolean bAlways
gboolean bAskBeforeDelete
gboolean batteryWitness
gchar * batteryWitnessAnimation
gboolean bAutoNaming
gboolean bAutoReloadCompiz
gboolean bAutoReloadDecorator
gboolean bBackGround
gboolean bCardName
gboolean bCaseUnsensitive
gboolean bCheckOnStartup
gboolean bCompactView
gboolean bContinueBlink
gboolean bContinueBounce
gboolean bContinueFire
gboolean bContinuePulse
gboolean bContinueRain
gboolean bContinueRotation
gboolean bContinueSnow
gboolean bContinueSpot
gboolean bContinueStar
gboolean bContinueStorm
gboolean bContinueWave
gboolean bContinueWobbly
gboolean bCurrentConditions
gboolean bDesklet3D
gboolean bDisplayHiddenWindows
gboolean bDisplayNights
gboolean bDisplayNumDesk
gboolean bDisplayTemperature
gboolean bDrawBar
gboolean bDrawContent
gboolean bDrawWindows
gboolean bEmeraldIcon
gboolean bEnableActions
gboolean bEnableCreateLauncher
gboolean bEnableDesklets
gboolean bEnableLoadLauncher
gboolean bEnablePopUp
gboolean bEnableReboot
gboolean bEnableReloadModule
gboolean bEnableSetLabel
gboolean bEnableSetQuickInfo
gboolean bEnableShowDock
gboolean bESSID
gboolean bEvaporateFromBottom
gboolean bExplodeCube
gboolean bFastCheck
gboolean bFillIcon
gboolean bFilter
gboolean bFireLuminance
gboolean bFoldersFirst
gboolean bFree
gboolean bHasIcons
gboolean bHideScaleOnLeave
gboolean bIconBubble
gboolean bImageName
gboolean bInvertButtons
gboolean bIsTransparent
gboolean bISUnits
gboolean bListBookmarks
gboolean bListDrives
gboolean bListNetwork
gboolean bMapWallpaper
gboolean bMenuOnMouse
gboolean bMixGraph
gboolean bMysticalEvaporate
gboolean bMysticalFire
gboolean bMysticalRays
gboolean bMysticalStars
gboolean bNoDeletedSignal
gboolean bNoStretch
gboolean bOldStyle
gboolean bOpenglThemes
gboolean bPasteInClipboard
gboolean bPasteInPrimary
gboolean bPreserveScreenRatio
gboolean bPulseSameShape
gboolean bRandom
gboolean bReplayAction
gboolean bRotateEffects
gboolean bScriptSubDock
gboolean bSelectionClipBoard
gboolean bSeparateSelections
gboolean bSetName
gboolean bShowFreeMemory
gboolean bShowHiddenFiles
gboolean bShowKbdIndicator
gboolean bShowMessageContent
gboolean bShowRecent
gboolean bShowScrollbars
gboolean bShowSeconds
gboolean bShowSwap
gboolean bShowWidgetLayerDesklet
gboolean bStealTaskBarIcon
gboolean bSubDirs
gboolean bSystemDecorator
gboolean bTopInPercent
gboolean bUseApprox
gboolean bUseDBusFallback
gboolean bUseGauge
gboolean bUseGraphic
gboolean bUseSeparator
gboolean bUseThread
gchar ** cAdditionnalDirectoriesList
gchar * card_id
gchar * cBackgroundImage
gchar * cBrokenIcon
gchar * cBrokenUserImage
gchar * cConfigureMenuCommand
gchar * cDateFormat
const gchar * cDecorators [COMPIZ_NB_DECORATORS]
gchar * cDefaultBrowser
gchar * cDefaultIcon
gint cDialogDuration
gchar * cDigital
gchar * cDirectory
gchar * cDirPath
gchar * cDropIndicatorImageName
gchar * cEmptyUserImage
gchar * cFont
gchar * cFullUserImage
gchar * cGThemePath
const gchar * cGThemePath
gchar * changeAnimation
gchar * cHasMailUserImage
gchar * cHideImage
gchar * cHoverIndicatorImageName
gchar * cIconBroken
gchar * cIconClose
gchar * cIconDefault
gchar * cInterface
gchar ** cListURI
gchar * cLocation
gchar * cLocationCode
gchar * cMailApplication
gchar * cMailClass
gchar * cMenuShortkey
gchar ** cMimeTypes
gchar * cMixerElementName
gchar * cMixerElementName2
gchar ** cMonitoredDirectory
gchar * cMuteIcon
gchar * cNewMailUserSound
gchar * cNoMailUserImage
gchar * cQuickLaunchShortkey
gchar * cRecentRootDirFilter
gchar * cRenderer
 compizWM iWM;
gboolean criticalBatteryWitness
gchar * cSetupTimeCommand
gchar * cShortCut
gchar * cShortcut
gchar * cShowAdvancedMixerCommand
gchar * cShowImage
gchar * cSoundPath
gchar * cStackDir
gchar * cSystemMonitorCommand
gchar * cTextIcon
gchar * cThemePath
gchar * cURI_to_load
gchar * cUrlIcon
gchar * cUserAction
gchar * cUserAction2
gchar * cUserBatteryIconName
gchar * cUserChargeIconName
gchar * cUserCommand
gchar * cUserImage [COMPIZ_NB_ITEMS]
gchar * cUserWMCommand
gchar * cWatermarkImagePath
gchar * cWindowDecorator
gchar * defaultTitle
gboolean enableAnim
gboolean enableCover
gboolean enableDialogs
gboolean extendedDesklet
gdouble fAlpha
gdouble fBgColor [4]
gdouble fBlackHoleRotationSpeed
gdouble fBlurFactor
gdouble fBounceFlatten
gdouble fBounceResize
double fCheckInterval
gdouble fComicsLineColor [4]
gdouble fCurlyCurvature
gdouble fCurlyLineColor [4]
double fDateColor [4]
gdouble fEvaporateParticleSpeed
gdouble fExplosionRadius
gdouble fFireParticleSpeed
gdouble fFriction
gdouble fHigholor [3]
gdouble fHigholor2 [3]
gdouble fInitialGamma
gdouble fLowColor [3]
gdouble fLowColor2 [3]
gdouble fModernLineColor [4]
gboolean forceConfig
 gboolean protectDecorator;
GdkColor forecolor
gdouble fPlaneColor [4]
gdouble fPlaneLineColor [4]
gdouble fPulseZoom
gdouble fRainParticleSpeed
gdouble fRaysParticleSpeed
gdouble fRotationSpeed
gdouble fScattering
gdouble fSmoothFactor
gdouble fSnowParticleSpeed
gdouble fSpringConstant
double fTextColor [4]
gdouble fTooltipLineColor [4]
gdouble fTooltipMarginColor [4]
gdouble fUserHZ
gdouble fWaveAmplitude
gdouble fWaveWidth
gboolean highBatteryWitness
gint iActionMenuDuration
compizAction iActionOnMiddleClick
gint iAlertLimit
SliderAnimation iAnimation
CDIllusionEffect iAppearanceEffect
gint iAttraction
gint iBlackHoleDuration
gint iBlinkDuration
gint iBounceDuration
gint iBreakDuration
gint iBreakNbBorderPoints
gint iCheckInterval
SliderClickOption iClickOption
gint iComicsLineWidth
gint iComicsRadius
CDShowMouseType iContainerType
gint iCurlyLineWidth
gint iCurlyRadius
gint iDelayBetweenChanges
CDIllusionEffect iDisappearanceEffect
CDWifiDisplayType iDisplayType
CDSwictherDisplayType iDisplayType
CDNetspeedDisplayType iDisplayType
SwitcherDrawCurrentDesktopMode iDrawCurrentDesktopMode
nVidiaTemp iDrawTemp
CDWifiEffect iEffect
MyAppletEffect iEffect
CDAnimationsEffects iEffectsOnMouseOver [CD_ANIMATIONS_NB_EFFECTS]
CDIconEffects iEffectsUsed [CD_ICON_EFFECT_NB_EFFECTS]
gint iEvaporateDuration
gint iEvaporateNbParticles
gint iEvaporateParticleSize
gint iExplodeDuration
gint iExplodeNbPiecesX
gint iExplodeNbPiecesY
MyExtendedMode iExtendedMode
gint iFadeOutDuration
gint iFireDuration
gint iFireParticleSize
int iGlobalSizeLimit
CairoDockTypeGraph iGraphType
gint iGroundOffset
gint iIconPacking
gint iIconSize
CairoDockInfoDisplay iInfoDisplay
CDAnimationsStretchType iInitialStrecth
gint iInLineSize
CDClipperItemType iItemType
gint iLineSize
CairoDockLoadImageModifier iLoadingModifier
gint iLowerLimit
CDAnimationsMeshType iMeshType
gint iModernLineSpacing
gint iModernLineWidth
gint iModernRadius
gint iNbAnimationStep
gint iNbColumns
gint iNbDays
gint iNbDisplayedProcesses
gint iNbEvaporateParticles
gint iNbFireParticles
gint iNbGridNodes
gint iNbItems [4]
gint iNbParticles
gint iNbRainParticles
gint iNbRaysParticles
gint iNbRoundsOnClick [CAIRO_DOCK_NB_TYPES]
gint iNbRows
gint iNbSnowParticles
gint iNbSources
gint iNbStarParticles
gint iNbStormParticles
gint iNbSubItemsAtOnce
gint iParticleLifeTime
gint iParticleSize
gint iPlaneLineWidth
gint iPlaneRadius
MyPlayerType iPlayer
int iPositionX
int iPositionY
gint iPosScrollX
gint iPosScrollY
gint iProcessCheckInterval
gint iPulseDuration
CdDustbinInfotype iQuickInfoType
gint iRainDuration
gint iRainParticleSize
gint iRaysParticleSize
gint iRecentAge
guint iReloadTimeout
gboolean iRendering
gint iRightMargin
gint iRotationDuration
gint iScrollVariation
CairoDockInfoDisplay iShowDate
int iSizeLimit
gint iSlideTime
gint iSmoothAnimationDuration
gint iSnowDuration
gint iSnowParticleSize
CDStackSortType iSortType
gint iSpeed
gint iSpotDuration
gint iStarDuration
gint iStarParticleSize
gint iStormDuration
gint iStormParticleSize
gint iStringLen
gint iTooltipLineWidth
gint iTooltipRadius
gint iTransitionDuration
gint iUpperLimit
VolumeTypeDisplay iVolumeDisplay
VolumeTypeEffect iVolumeEffect
gint iWaveDuration
gint iWeight
gint iWinkDelay
gint iWinkDuration
gint iWLineSize
gboolean lBinding
gint lowBatteryValue
gboolean lowBatteryWitness
gint no_config_yet
int no_parameter_yet
GPtrArray * pAlarms
gdouble pBackgroundColor [4]
gdouble pColor1 [3]
gdouble pColor2 [3]
gdouble pEvaporateColor1 [3]
gdouble pEvaporateColor2 [3]
gdouble pFireColor1 [3]
gdouble pFireColor2 [3]
GLfloat pHaloColor [4]
GLfloat pMeshColor [4]
gchar ** pPersistentItems
gdouble pRainColor1 [3]
gdouble pRainColor2 [3]
gdouble pRaysColor1 [3]
gdouble pRaysColor2 [3]
gdouble pSnowColor1 [3]
gdouble pSnowColor2 [3]
GLfloat pSpotColor [3]
gdouble pStarColor1 [3]
gdouble pStarColor2 [3]
gdouble pStormColor1 [3]
gdouble pStormColor2 [3]
CairoDockLabelDescription * pTopTextDescription
CDWifiInfoType quickInfoType
MyAppletQuickInfoType quickInfoType
gdouble RGBIndColors [4]
gdouble RGBInLineColors [4]
gdouble RGBLineColors [4]
gdouble RGBWLineColors [4]
gchar * shortcut
CairoDockLabelDescription textDescription
gdouble timeDialogs
guint16 transparency
gboolean uLocalScreen

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